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NHP ISO 3 Pole 160amp Isolator Switch IP66 – ISO3160MG

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NHP ISO 3 Pole 160amp Isolator Switch IP66 – ISO3160MG

3 pole 160A – AC21

– 30kW – AC23

– IP66

  • Enclosed safety isolating switch, rotary type.
  • Mounted in polycarbonate enclosure.
  • 3 way padlockable handle.
  • IP 66 degree of protection.
  • Snap-on auxiliary contacts available.
  • Conforms to international electro-technical standards.
  • High electrical and mechanical endurance.
  • Padlockable only in the off position (up to 3 padlocks).
  • High breaking capacities – double break contacts.
  • Contact position positively indicated.
  • Easily installed.
NHP is pleased to present the new ISO Plugs and Sockets as part of the ISO range, providing the market with industrial strength options (ISO) for industrial, commercial and domestic – plug, socket and switching applications.
NHP ISO Plugs and Sockets are a range of IP 66 rated plugs and sockets for industrial, commercial and domestic single and three phase applications, from 10 A to 50 A, 3, 4 and 5 pin configurations.
The plugs feature extruded ribbed grips, making it easier to remove them from the socket and also assists when tightening, to ensure a good seal.
The ISO switched sockets incorporates an isolator that is able to be locked in both the ON and OFF positions and accepts almost any locking device. ISO Plugs and Sockets are made to AS/NZS 3112:2004 and AS/NZS 3123:2005 and their material composition makes them suitable for most industrial and commercial applications.
Designed, engineered and tested in Australia for Australian and New Zealand conditions, the design has been carefully crafted with rounded corners, ensuring there are no small crevices where dirt and grime can easily accumulate

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